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The website, which can be accessed at (referred to hereinafter as “the Website”) is edited by:

PASQUIER, a société par actions simplifiée with a share capital of 2.064 832 € whose registered office is at route d’Izernay, BP 12, 49360 les Cerqueux registered in Angers (France) under the number 329 263 933 (referred to hereinafter as “Brioche Pasquier”).

VAT registration number: FR 71 329 263 933
Phone number: 33 + 2 41 29 54 00
Director of publication: Pascal PASQUIER acting as President

OCEANET TECHNOLOGY SAS, a société par actions simplifiée registered in France, a limited company with a share capital of 1 000 000 € whose registered office is at 2 Impasse Joséphine Baker, 44 800 Saint-Herblain, France registered in Nantes under the n° 408 893 063.
Phone number: 33+2 28 03 78 78.

Any person that browses and uses the Website is deemed to fully accept these general terms and conditions for the use of the Website, which is the property of Brioche Pasquier, which reserves the right to revise them at any time, without notice. These general terms and conditions are governed by the laws of France. The Website is intended for the use by catering professionals.

The Website, its content and each of the elements of which it is made up (including more particularly the texts, photographs, videos, music, computer graphics, logos, trademarks, etc.) are protected by the laws of France that apply to intellectual property and are the exclusive property of Brioche Pasquier, except for the intellectual property rights that belong to third parties and for which Brioche Pasquier holds the necessary rights.
In consequence, it is strictly forbidden to use, modify, adapt, show and/or reproduce, whether in whole or in part, any of the elements that make up this Website and/or the Website, without the prior, written consent of Brioche Pasquier, regardless of the medium or process used and the duration of same.

Accordingly, all persons using the Website shall refrain from using the Website and/or any of the elements of which it is made up, without the prior, written, specific consent of Brioche Pasquier.

More particularly, users undertake not to use the Website, and/or any of the elements that make up its content, in a way that is insulting, denigrating or defamatory or, in any other way that might harm the image or reputation rights of Brioche Pasquier, or any of the persons mentioned on the Website or of any other third party that might suffer damage as the result of such use.

Brioche Pasquier may not be held liable for any direct or indirect damage sustained by the user (including, without being limited to, loss of data or loss of profits) due to that person accessing or browsing the Website, or due to any interruption or malfunction whatsoever, any suspension of the Website and/or the Internet connection, for any reason whatsoever.
Neither will Brioche Pasquier be held liable for any damage that results from a fraudulent intrusion by a third party on the Website that leads to the information posted on the Website being modified.

Brioche Pasquier takes the greatest care over the quality and reliability of the information posted on the Website. However, the information posted on the Website is supplied solely for the user's general information : it cannot replace or be a substitute for advice or informed and detailed recommendations adapted to the context of each situation that may arise. In consequence, the user will have sole charge of and responsibility for the choice, use and interpretation of the data and information that he/she consults and he/she acknowledges that he/she will have sole responsibility for such use.

In the event that a user takes advantage of the possibility to formulate or transmit content through free-fields or data communication modules, he/she undertakes to comply with the regulations in force and not to harm Brioche Pasquier or any third party whatsoever, particularly by formulating or transmitting non-compliant content.

Brioche Pasquier will not be held liable for the hyperlinks that are placed on the Website that direct users to other websites, with regard to their content or the links that they contain, nor for the terms and conditions of use and exploitation (particularly the management of personal data, etc.). Brioche Pasquier will not therefore be held liable for the content of these websites nor for any use that the users may make of them.

Hyperlinks to the Website may only be set up with Brioche Pasquier’s prior, written, specific consent. In any event, the hyperlinks requested must comply, at all times, with the terms and conditions for the use of the Website, must respect the whole of the Website and the intellectual property rights of Brioche Pasquier, which reserves the right to withdraw the consent granted at any time.

To find out how Brioche Pasquier processes the personal information it collects about you from the Website, please visit the link at the bottom of this page of the Website titled “Privacy” and “Cookies policy”.

The Website requires the use of certain essential cookies without which the Website will not function properly. Other cookies are optional as they are not essential in this way. For further information and if you wish to configure the cookies, please see the Cookies Policy using the link located at the bottom of this page of the Website.

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